Salad, red wine vinaigrette

Ah, my first successfully executed recipe out of the Alinea cookbook. I’ll get to the unsuccessful attempts at a later date.

This “salad” is a frozen mixture of spinach, argula, and romaine, with a frozen slush of red wine vinegar on top.

The gal over at the Alinea at Home blog tipped me off that this recipe calls for a lot of greens, so I decided to divide everything in half to make it a little more manageable. My kitchen isn’t that big after all. I’m very glad I decided to do this because this is what I ended up with:

I believe the most frustrating part of this recipe was figuring out what to do with all the greens as I was measuring them out to make sure I had the right amount of each. My kitchen isn’t that big after all. I thought at first that I could just mash them into a that big pot in the middle after I weighed them. That didn’t work out and I found myself pulling bowl after bowl down from the cabinets to cover the rest. I didn’t even have enough counter space for it all and had to rest some of the bowls on the stove!

I ended up having to make a second run to the store to grab more arugula and spinach because I was about a couple hundred grams short on both. In the end, I was still about 50 grams short on arugula, but I just couldn’t will myself to run to the store for a third time to buy more. I figured 50 grams wouldn’t make much of a difference anyway.

I spent 25 minutes juicing it all and ended up with this:

I’m surprised the juicer didn’t overheat.

I poured this mixture into my chinois and then into a sheet tray.

Surprisingly, the swirls in the liquid were somewhat reminiscent of what the pan was sitting on.

I stuck that all in the freezer overnight, along with a separate small bowl of red wine vinegar. Here’s what I got:

The next day, I set myself to scraping this with a fork to turn it into a slush-like consistency. Same with the red wine vinegar. Then I plated. Aaron captured some pictures of me doing this.

So how was it? Vinegary. Very Vinegary. I tried making some with just the tiniest bit of red wine vinegar on top and that didn’t solve the problem. The frozen arugula/romaine/spinach juice was very refreshing on its own. But once the red wine vinegar was added, that was all you could taste. Maybe the problem was that I bought the store brand red wine vinegar for this, but I also can’t imagine how to obtain a less-vinegary vinegar. Oh well.


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