Cheese, in a cracker

Technically, this was the first recipe I tried out of the Alinea cookbook. I tried it mid-April and wasn’t able to complete it because I didn’t have the syringe necessary to fill the crackers with the cheese sauce. I quite erroneously thought that a turkey baster would do the trick (see why I’ve dubbed myself Alinea Newb now?). Hah! Not only was the turkey baster’s spout too wide to put the sauce into the crackers, it was also too wide to actually contain the sauce without it dripping out!

I obtained a syringe while I was searching for gelatin sheets online earlier this month. The Alinea cookbook uses gelatin sheets as opposed to gelatin powder because sheets are easier to measure. Unfortunately, you can’t find gelatin sheets in your average grocery store. So I bought some online from L’Epicerie. They had a $25 minimum for checkout so I added a syringe and couple powders that are used extensively in the cookbook for later on.

This is definitely one of the easiest recipes in the cookbook. First I made a big ball of dough, the flattened it out and cut in into what should be one inch squares.

I put those in the oven for about 6 minutes and allowed them to puff up.

For the cheese sauce, I grated some Wisconsin cheddar and threw it in the blender. I then simmered some whole milk on the stove and blended it with the cheese, some sugar, and some salt.

Then, it was just a matter of poking some holes into the bottom of each cracker and inserting the cheese sauce.

These things are tasty, but both times around I felt like the sauce was a little too salty. I did reduce the amount of salt this second time around, but apparently not by enough. Maybe I’m just not a fan of salt.


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