Caramel Popcorn, liquefied

Caramel Popcorn Liquefied: It looks and tastes exactly how it sounds, except better. I made it twice: once on my own and again the next day just before a party my roommate and I were hosting.

This recipe was very easy and very rewarding in its result, despite the complaints of some party attenders that for a shot, it didn’t have any alcohol. Completely. Missing. The. Point. Since when did caramel popcorn have alcohol in it?

First, I made popcorn the old-fashioned way: with kernels and canola oil on the stove.

Then, I added my popcorn to a pot of water, butter, sugar, and salt and let that simmer for about 5 minutes. Incidentally, I didn’t get enough popped popcorn that the recipe called for from the amount of kernels that I was supposed to cook. I decided not to worry about that and it turned out not to make a difference.

As you can tell, the popcorn mixture turned into a mushy soup. I strained the mixture, discarding all the solids, and saved the popcorn broth.

Next, I made my caramel froth. This involved heating some sugar and water to 340 degrees and then whisking in some more water and simple syrup.

Adding some soy lecithin and attacking the caramel with an immersion blender allowed it to froth up a bit. Add that to the popcorn broth, and you’ve got your final product.

Really guys, this was kinda amazing, even if caramel popcorn doesn’t contain alcohol.


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