It’s been nearly a year since I’ve updated this. In my defense, I unexpectedly moved from Chicago back to Denver, was practically couch-surfing for several months and didn’t have a full-time job for even longer.

As of July, I finally acquired my own kitchen and some cashflow. Since then I’ve been toying around with several recipes. My kitchen, however, is very small and you can’t find the odd ingredients in many of the recipes quite as easily in Colorado. Eventually I decided that since it’s been so long and I need to get back into the right headspace to tackle some of these increasingly difficult recipes, I should make perhaps the easiest one in the book: Hibiscus.

Officially, the title of this recipe is “Tripod, Hibiscus.” At Alinea, a hibiscus popsicle is served as the last course palate cleanser. To make this popsicle, a hibiscus tea is frozen in spherical molds and served on a small tripod stem. I simply don’t have tripod stems and didn’t feel much like making them, so all we have is “Hibiscus.”

I started by bringing some water to a boil with some sugar and a wee bit of salt. Then I took it off the heat, added dried hibiscus flowers and let it infuse until the tea came to room temperature. I strained out the hibiscus flowers and, using a syringe, poured the tea into the spherical molds.

After that, it was a just a matter of taking them out and eating them!

Very bright, slightly savory and delicious! I’m going to save some to add to cocktails.

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