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Spring (4 of 26 completed)

Surf Clam, nasturtium leaf and flower, shallot marmalade
Sour Cream, sorrel, smoked salmon, pink pepper
Heart of Palm, in five sections
Crab, passion fruit, coconut, sprouts,
English Peas, tofu, ham, pillow of lavender air
Icefish, horseradish, asparagus, shellfish
Green Almond, sweet, hot, sour, salt
Kuroge Wagyu, cucumbers, honeydew, lime sugar
Lamb, akudjura, olive, eucalyptus veil
Transparency, of Manchego cheese
Verjus, lemon thyme, beets, olive oil
Sassafras, encapsulated in mandarin ice
Raspberry, goat’s milk, red pepper taffy, pistachio
Oyster, ginger, steelhead roe, beer
Ayu, kombu, fried spine, sesame
Yolk Drops, asparagus, Meyer lemon, black pepper
Wild Turbot, shellfish, water chestnuts, hyacinth vapor
Squab, Thai peppercorn, strawberry, oxalis pods
White Asparagus, chorizo, black trumpets, orange
Bison, beets, blueberries, burning cinnamon
Bacon, butterscotch, apple, thyme
PB&J, peanut, bread, grape
Guava, avocado, Brie, Key lime juice
Hazelnut, apricot, curry-scented granola
Liquid Chocolate, chicory, dandelion, banana
Sponge Cake, tonka bean, dried cherry, vanilla fragrance

Summer (4 of 27 completed)

Cucumber, mango, several aromatics
Croquette, smoked steelhead roe, endive, radish
Tomato, balloon of mozzarella, many complementary flavors
Prosciutto, passion fruit, zuta levana
Octopus, eggplant, beans, soy
Chicken Skin, black truffle, thyme, corn
Wild Bass, mushrooms, red wine, several embellishments
Dry Shot, red pepper, garlic, oregano
Squab, watermelon, licorice, foie gras
Pork Cheek, pumpernickel, Gruyere, ramps
Maytag Blue, grape, walnut, port
Corn, coconut, cayenne, mint
Rhubarb, seven different textures
Raspberry, transparency, yogurt, rose petals
Porcini, cherry, toasted garlic, almond
Pineapple, bacon powder, black pepper
Oyster Cream, lychee, horseradish, chervil
Mango, bonito, soy, sesame
Lamb, in cubism
Blackberry, tobacco, smoke, bee balm
Beef, elements of A1
Salad, red wine vinaigrette
Huckleberry, soda, five flavors gelled
Orange, olive oil, almond, Picholine olive
Licorice Cake, orange confit, anise hyssop, spun sugar
Chocolate, avocado, lime
Tripod, hibiscus

Autumn (8 of 27 completed)

Pheasant, shallot, cider, burning oak leaves
Duck, pumpkin, banana, Thai aromatics
Trout Roe, coconut, licorice, pineapple
Yuba, shrimp, orange, miso
Skate, traditional flavors powdered
Sardine, nicoise olive, dried tomato, arugula
Chestnut, too many garnishes to list
Black Truffle. explosion, romaine, parmesan
Kuroge Wagyu, squash, smoked paprika taffy
Bison, braised pistachios, potato, sweet spices
Idiazábal, Blis maple syrup, smoked salt
Cranberry, frozen and chewy
Matsutake, pine nut, mastic, rosemary
Pear, eucalyptus, olive oil, black pepper
Foie Gras, spicy cinnamon puff, apple candy
Shellfish Sponge, horseradish, celery, gooseberry
King Crab, vinegar, aromatics, seaweed
Salsify, smoked salmon, dill, caper
Junsai, bonito, soy, mirin
Pork, grapefruit, sage, honeycomb
Kumquat, aquavit, Picholine olive, caraway
Venison, encased in savory granola
Marcona Almond, white ale, pink pepper, lavender
Persimmon, aroma strip, carrot, red curry
Coffee, passion fruit, buckwheat, mint
Chocolate, warmed to 94 degrees
Dry Caramel, salt

Winter (5 of 27 completed)

Hot Potato, cold potato, black truffle, parmesan
Tuna, candied and dried
Crab, cashew, parsnip, young coconut
Salsify, smoked steelhead roe, parsley root, radish
Apple, horseradish, celery juice and leaves
Monkfish, lime, banana, monkfish liver
Bison, cranberry, persimmon, juniper branch aroma
Lamb, mastic, date, rosemary fragrance
Pork Belly, pickled vegetables, BBQ sugar, polenta
Yuzu, pine, black sesame, shiso
Pushed Foie Gras, Sauternes, pear, chervil
Nicoise Olive, saffron, dried cheery, olive oil
Crab Apple, white Cheddar, eucalyptus, onion
Bean, many garnishes, pillow of nutmeg air
Sea Urchin, vanilla, chili, mint
Lobster, tropical fruits, Meyer lemon, heart of palm
Opah, in the style of bacon, endive, radicchio
Beef, elements of root beer
Cheese, in a cracker
Goose, blood orange, sage, roasting goose aromas
Sweet Potato, brown sugar, bourbon, smoking cinnamon
Granola, in a rose water envelope
Applewood, muscovado sugar, fenugreek
Caramel Popcorn, liquefied
Hazelnut, carrot, raisin, melted butter
Chocolate, brioche, yolks, pomelo
Peanut, five other flavors

Total = 107 recipes
21 completed (19.6%)


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